I have to admit that I’m nervous about taking the next step I have planned for Yarn Birdy. I’ve been thinking about taking this step for the past 6 months… or more, actually. I think I mentioned it to a friend on the phone back in May. He told me it sounded like a great idea, and then I preceded to use the excuse of pregnancy/new baby to keep putting it off. The truth is though, that I didn’t put off this step because of my pregnancy, I put it off because it seemed daunting.
Well, a new year = a good time for no more excuses. So here it is, Yarn Birdy’s next step: I am going to sell knitting kits. Not just finished objects, but kits that include all the yarn and stuffing needed to complete the project as well as easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. 
Why do I want to sell kits? Although I adore my finished knits, I’ve never been 100% comfortable selling them. I want to be able to talk to my customers, and share my excitement about my products -a more intimate communication with customers is the beauty of being a small business- but I often find myself wanting to talk about the process far more than the product. Are the people who buy a stuffed animal interested in the process that made it? Maybe, but I’m not so sure. Then, some time last year, it hit me: the people I really want to talk to, the people who I want most in the Yarn Birdy community, are those who also want to create with their own two hands. People who share not just my love of cute and cuddly (although cuteness and cuddliness are good things to love) but those who love knitting and creating. Hopefully kits will reach these types of people. Intermediate and advanced knitters, or total beginners, it doesn’t matter, I’m looking at you! 
Why does this step make me nervous? How do I write up patterns that people can understand and enjoy? How do I make sure the kit includes the exact right amount of yarn and stuffing? How do I package and present my kits to make them appealing? All this seems much more daunting than selling a finished product. Any of you readers have any experience with this? Or any of you want to be test knitters? I’ll send test knitters a kit for free and you can give me feedback. 
What kits? I’m going to start with kits for two of my patterns, Dynamic Cable Handwarmers, and Lasse the Whale.
I’ve chosen to start with these two, both because they are two of Yarn Birdy’s most popular products, and because their patterns are elegant and straightforward -or at least, a bit more elegant and straightforward than some of my other knits. 
Wish me luck as I write up patterns and measure yarn. And volunteer to be a test knitter if you think it sounds fun. I’ll keep updating about my progress on the blog.