About food, the saying goes “your eyes are bigger than your stomach.” I think a lot of us knitters need some equivalent saying for knitting. We have so many knitting visions, they outstrip the hours in the day we have to execute them. Should we say “our eyes are bigger than our fingers”? Okay, dumb invented sayings aside, this constant state of yearning to work on that next project can be frustrating. But, perhaps it is this very feeling that spurs us on to keep creating, that gives power to the knitting life.

Anyway, enough philosophizing. I thought I’d share some of my knitting visions today. Although the term “visions” makes them sound so lofty and sophisticated, which in my case, they’re not at all. They’re basically a pen and paper written list and the occasional sketch to go along.

Current Knitting Visions, aka What I Want to Knit
– A (better) fairy doll. Both a miniature finger-puppet version, and a larger one
– A simple clever flower, in time to make a bouquet for Valentines Day
– A Boy Doll. Now that I have a little boy of my own, I’m inspired by that gender, and aware of how it needs some better representation in the doll world. 
– A stuffed animal parrot. I have a finger puppet version of a parrot, but, come on, my shop is called Yarn Birdy, I’ve got to get knitting some more birdys!
– A stuffed animal duck. (See above)
– Colorful knit pants for my baby. Because how long will a child still be young enough to endure wearing pants knit by mom?
– A pair of stripy ear warmers for myself, to wear while running.