The first thing I knit for him was a tiny blanket for his newborn days. Then came his first pair of booties.

I’d never knitted baby booties before, so I looked up patterns, and ended up finding and following a fantastic (and easy) one from The Purl Bee.

Are his feet really going to be that tiny??

Next, my little boy was going to need a new a soft, adorable knit hat. I wanted one that didn’t scream his gender in blue or pink like all the baby hats in every store, so I worked it in a forest green. I think It will look way cuter on him than it does on this jar of cherries.

But I wasn’t done with booties. I went back to this theme last week, and this time, after successfully following a pattern the first time, I decided I was ready to design my own pair (ha!). A couple failed attempts brought me to finally succeed… in a pair of space boots. I hope he is excited to play make believe.

Now, I’ve picked up a pattern again, from here, and am relaxedly and joyfully knitting little man’s first cardigan.

A Work-in-Progress shot:

In a few weeks, I start my maternity leave, and at that point I am hoping to spend 12 hours a day clicking my needles with my feet up until the baby comes. (I dream big!) So, What else should I knit? What are the particularly fun, adorable, and or practical baby projects you have knit and can recommend?