Today, my sister, parents and I are putting together suitcases, presents and sports equipment, getting ready for our annual trip down to Orange County, CA where dozens of grandparents-cousins-aunts-uncles-etc gather each year. It’s a long drive, a day of monotony along Highway 5. Then, once we finally arrive, the next few days of celebrating range from the hectic to the utterly overwhelming. Despite this, the yearly trip means everything to me. My heart bursts with how much I love my family.

These days, with all the energy I’ve been putting into Yarn Birdy, I have another reason to feel thankful for my family: its members are so supportive of my crazy idea to build a knitting business. Their support is a major font of inspiration and creativity for me. Many of my new designs are built around things they’ve suggested or items they’ve asked for. Like this new color combination for my queen-of-hearts handwarmers I’m currently whipping up. My older sister suggested it, and I think I’m loving the black with red pair even better than the original colors.

My Oma requested a beanie patterned to match my super popular autumn handwarmers in navy blue. It’s been so fun to develop a pattern and work on this beanie these past few days with my Oma in mind:

My younger sister, an avid tap dancer, needed an item to donate to her dance troop raffle and I came up with a custom bear, pink-bodied and wearing a black sweater with the team logo on the back. I am SO glad she asked for this because it’s made me imagine the possibility of offering custom teddy bears for all sorts of customers, commemorating all sorts of occasions. People will be able to request colors, and jacket logo – I’m getting excited about this even as I type! Look out for a custom bear listing in my store, starting in January.

I may be away from my computer for the next week, celebrating with that wonderful family of mine. I wish you all some special moments with loved ones in the upcoming days.