I run a knitting business, yet I have to admit some things:

– I have never knit a sock (let alone a pair)… and I call myself a knitter!

– The thing that’s always stopped me from knitting socks, is that I, pathetically, can’t tell whether that pretty skein of self-striping sock yarn at the fiber store is the right amount for one or two socks, and consequently don’t know if I should buy one or two for my inaugural sock project… and I call myself a knitter!

– Until yesterday, I’d never ever made a pompom… and I call myself a knitter!

With a few scratchy exceptions, I actually really like most acrylic yarns. And I don’t get the obsessions other knitters have with expensive fibers … and I call myself a knitter!

– I don’t really know how to block and weave in ends. Most knitting instructions just finish with an admonition to “weave in ends and block” without really describing a method. I’ve made up my own methods, but I’m not actually sure if they’re the best ones… and I call myself a knitter!

– When I’m purling something in the round on DPNs, I always have to knit the very first stitch of the first round post-cast-on because I can’t seem to figure out how to get my needles and yarn in position to purl… and I call myself a knitter!

Whew! It feels good to get that out in the open. Since I write a blog about knitting, I kind of feel this expectation (it’s probably all in my head) to be the perfect expert knitter, which I’m not.

Can you relate? What aspects of your craft or your job are you surprisingly inexpert about?