Jun 20, 2016 | Baby Knits, Knitting Life |

Is your life so hectic and busy that you can’t fit much knitting in? My life feels that way these days, so I’m just focusing on knitting something everyday. It’s amazing how far that can take you!

Whew! Last week was TOUGH for me. My toddler, a handful on his calmest days, was coughy, sniffly and a bit grumpy. My one-month-old spent most of each night alternating between restless fussing and full-out screaming (and his days weren’t much better). My sleeplessness made me feel each day more and more like an astronaut, floating around zero-gravity space, uncoordinatedly bumping into everything in an other-worldly landscape.

Before my new baby arrived, I knew things would be busy, and I mulled a lot over how I wanted to handle the chaos. I didn’t want to put undue pressure on myself, and make myself stressed, but I also didn’t want to just give up everything in my life besides childcare. So I came up with the idea to focus on knitting something everyday. No minimum time limit, no particular achievement, just some little thing. If I just managed a single stitch that day, I would count that a success.

knitting mom

With this wonderfully simple and low-stress goal, I have actually managed to knit quite a bit. Life is never too full to pick up your knitting and knit a few stitches here, a few stitches there. And check it out, despite a truly stressful week, I have a baby vest is off the needles! (I still want to add some designs across the front with duplicate stitch though.)

knit baby vest

My knitting moments may not be luxurious hours of creation by a sunny window with a warm glass of tea, but they are magical nonetheless.

It’s been marvelous therapy for stress and sleep deprivation. It’s keeping me balanced and calm.

Every Sunday, I share my week’s progress on instagram with the hashtag #knitsomethingeveryday . Are you frustrated by your lack of knitting time? If this project appeals to you, I invite you to join me. Just knit a little something every day. Keep at it even if you only have short moments here or there. I have a hunch that over the course of a couple months, or a year, sticking with this calming, simple habit could really take us far…


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