I dream of knitting for days, with no interruptions except to refill my cup of coffee or my bowl of chocolate chips.

Usually though, knitting tucks itself in among running errands, work endeavors, keeping up with family and friends, and all those other important things that make up a life.

That’s where Knitting-On-The-Go comes in. I love to knit-on-the-go, when I can manage it, but unfortunately always seem to forget to pack one small, essential piece of equipment for my knitting project. Yesterday, for riding the Bart Train into San Francisco, I brought needles, yarn, scissors, even my stitch pattern book, only to find when I began knitting, that I had forgotten a cable needle. Infuriating!

A white-haired lady across the aisle from me leaned over and pointed at my stitch pattern book. “I’ve knit that,” she said. “It’s a cable stitch alternating back and front cabling, right?”

“Yes,” I said mournfully,”it looks so fun. But I’ve forgotten my cable needle.”

“Ahh,” the woman nodded thoughtfully. “Do you have a ball point pen in your purse? You can take out the cartridge and use that as a substitute.”

So this was me knitting on the train. To protect my project from blue ink flecks, I pointed the business end of the cartridge at my hand instead.

Do you knit-on-the-go? Any funny knitting-on-the-go stories to share?