These past couple of days, I’ve been knitting tiny bunnies. The ideas swirled around in my head for a while, and then they just solidified and I had to grab my needles and whip them up. I love it when that happens. 

Indeed, most of the time when I knit a new design I make a half dozen (or a dozen) mistakes and false starts before I am satisfied, so it’s cool that these bunnies just came together.

Maybe, if I’m being picky, I’d say I’m not 100% happy with the hue on the teal and white bunny. My husband joked that the bunny looked like it would make his breath nice and fresh if he ate it. What do you think? Do you like the color, or is it too wintermint?

In any case, I decided I’m not going to dwell on whether or not the color is perfect, and miss presenting them to you. Some of you may want to get a set for easter, and if I don’t put them up on etsy soon, I’ll miss the window of opportunity.

EDIT: Click hear for the Etsy shop listing

There are three color varieties: teal, pink, and yellow, and three shape varieties: stuffed, egg-cozy, and finger-puppet. Mix-and-match.

Ha ha ha -in this photo the pink bunny looks pretty funny with an egg coming out of his bottom.

My goal for tomorrow is to get the listing up on my etsy shop. As a business woman, I really should get the etsy listing up tonight, but as the mom of a small baby who doesn’t sleep well, I really should go to bed once I finish this blog post. Tonight, my mom side is going to win.

I’m also kind of itching to write a cute, fun Yarn Tales featuring these three. What do you think? Are they a council of bunny elders? A group of rascally bunny school friends? Rabbit marshmallow peeps come alive through some sort of magic fairy dust?

Maybe my baby will nap well tomorrow, and I’ll be back with that Yarn Tales post. (Yeah right. Maybe magic fairy dust really will rain down and bring these bunnies to life.)