Knit a Chocolate Bar Mug Cozy (Free Pattern for a quirky Valentine’s Day)

Feb 4, 2016 | Knitting Pattern | 4 comments

I’m seeing sweet heart-themed patterns popping up everywhere these days, and I was going to join the Valentine’s Day fun too… until I got distracted by an intense pregnant chocolate craving, and I realized that February is the right time to knit not just hearts, but chocolate bars too!

So, I knit a chocolate bar. 

While it was a total delight to knit –quick and quirky, plus, I munched on my inspiration the whole time– I did wonder, after casting off, what exactly the use of my knit chocolate bar should be. I love the idea of a little chocolate bar purse, but my bar was not quite the right shape. And then the perfect idea hit me: a chocolate bar mug cozy. Drink your cozy, warm, rich hot chocolate in a mug decorated with soft knit chocolate whimsy. 

You too can celebrate Valentine’s day with a chocolate mug cozy. Make one for a chocolate-loving sweetheart… or, like me, for your chocolate loving self! Here’s the easy pattern*:


*The pattern does call for some real basic stranded color work knitting. If you’ve never tried stranded color work (also sometimes called fair isle), it’s actually a great pattern on which to give it a go, OR you can knit the entire thing in one color, and let the stitch texture give your mug cozy the chocolate-bar feel

Chocolate Bar Mug Cozy as free PDF Download

Chocolate Bar Mug Cozy

Materials Needed:
– Scrap worsted weight yarn in dark brown
– Scrap worsted weight yarn in light brown
– needles size US 7 (or the right size to create a firm, but not too stiff fabric with your yarn)
-one button, and needle and thread to attach it
A note about gauge:
Rather than worrying about gauge for this pattern, I suggest, you measure the circumference of the mug that you plan to wrap with your chocolate bar cozy, and make enough repeats of the stitch pattern to wrap almost the whole way around -the difference will be made up by the button and button loop. My mug was 9 inches/24 cm around, and I worked 5 pattern repeats
BO = bind off
CO = cast on
k = knit
p = purl
with light brown CO 19 stitches
Rows 1-5: [k1, p1] 9 times, k1
Switch to dark brown
Row 6: p across
Row 7: k across
Begin stranded color work patterning
Row 8: dark brown p2, [light brown p3, dark brown p1] 3 times, light brown p3, dark brown p2
Row 9: dark brown k2, [light brown p3, dark brown k1] 3 times, light brown p3, dark brown k2
Row 10: repeat row 8
Row 11: repeat row 9
Row 12: repeat row 8
Row 13: repeat row 9
repeat rows 6-13 as many times as needed to reach approximately 2 inches/5.5 cm less than the circumference of your mug. (I knit 5 repeats)
repeat rows 6 and 7 one more time
Final 5 rows: [p1, k1] 9 times, p1

use a needle and thread to sew your button onto one end of your chocolate bar. Cut 3 strands of scrap yarn, each about 10 inches long. Braid the strands, and sew the braid in a loop (the size of which depends on your button) to the other side of your chocolate bar.

and now the most important step: enjoy!


As always, I’d love you to share your knit chocolate bars on social media so we can admire them! Share on Ravelry, Facebook (@yarnbirdy) and Instagram (#yarnbirdy).

Are you knitting anything Valentine’s day themed?

Are you a chocoholic like me?