I’ve never been on the selling side of Christmas madness, until this year.

I’ve only ever been on the buying side, and let me tell you, I usually struggle buying gifts. Most every Christmas, I’ve been one of the poorer members of my family. It’s not the spirit of Christmas, but I often have to fight the feeling that my gifts are a bit inadequate. (I know, I know, it’s the thought not the price-tag that counts. But my family members can be such wonderful gift-givers, I often feel ashamed at my meager response.) I’ve always been a big maker, so usually the gifts I’ve enjoyed giving the most are the ones I’ve made. I’ve painted handbags, knit scarves, whipped up little toys. I’m probably going to do that for my friends and family again this year, and maybe, since I’m starting to think about it now, so long before the big day, I will have the chance to make presents that help show the receiver just how much they mean to me.

This year though, not only am I trying to figure out what to gift to the special people in my life, I’m trying to entice people to consider Yarn Birdy when buying gifts for the special people in their lives. I’ve read dozens of holiday marketing strategies, and I’m choosing to follow only the ones that feel the most honest to me, the ones that would convince me, or someone like me, that Yarn Birdy is a place to where buying gifts is not stressful.

For one thing, I’ve added some Christmas themed items, inspired by my own memories of my favorite childhood Christmas decorations:

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Miniature Dolls

Secondly, I’ve reorganized my shop by price category. Now, on the left hand side of my shop page, visitors can chose to browse through gifts in different price ranges. That way, whether you’re a big spender or a small spender, you can zoom in on your perfect gift more easily.

My shop categories for the holiday season

My hope is that gifts purchased from Yarn Birdy can make Christmas feel less about gift-giving anxiety, and more about showing friends and family how much they’re loved.

Gifts under 40 dollars