One of the things I am determined to do during this next growth phase for Yarn Birdy is to blog regularly. I decided to define that as posting 2-3 days per week. Running a business means I’m my own boss, which further means I have to be able to hold myself consistent and accountable. Sticking to regular blogging is going to be my way to prove to myself that I have what it takes.  To this end, I have a scrappy blog post schedule written up for January and February in my notebook, have read this inspirational article, and am trying to start drafting every blog post at least a day ahead of my deadline.

In my attempts to get today’s post up however, I seemed to be foiled at every turn. First, my original schedule, assigned that today’s blog post should be an update on my progress putting together the knitting kit for Lasse the Whale. Alas that project is nowhere near close enough to share (full disclosure: I have gotten no farther than typing the pattern title and pasting an image onto a word document). Okay, no problem, I thought yesterday, I’ll rearrange, and I’ll talk about the ice skater doll I’ve been knitting on which I have made significant progress:

She comes from a pattern I developed last year right in time for the Olympics, to celebrate my favorite sport. The pattern is actually a lot more complicated than it needs to be (just look at the photo above and you can get a sense of how much piecing together, sewing and weaving in ends the doll requires -yikes!) Anyway, I’ve been knitting her up in a back-burner, when-I-don’t-have-a-more-urgent-knit-project-to-complete-first kind of way for a couple of weeks. I got to the final step, adding her hair, yesterday. But hair always takes longer than I plan for (does anyone else hate adding hair?), so I had to admit defeat late last night and accept that my plush Kristi Yamaguchi would have to be finished in the morning.

Fast-forward to 6:30am: I wake to a rotten headache (am I getting the flu or something?), a baby who suddenly refuses to be put down (is he suffering the same headache as I?) and dark and stormy weather -the worst for a knit-doll photoshoot. With baby in the Manduca, I did manage to finish her hair, but photos so far have utterly failed, and I’m typing these final sentences one-handed as I nurse my baby for the bazzilionth time today.

Okay, I finished nursing. Since I’ve given up on professional looking photos today, in order to put something visual in this post, I will resort to the oldest trick in the book to make a photo interesting: include a cute baby. This was taken the second before he realized I had put him down.

Now it’s back to cuddling. I’ll be back tomorrow.