A couple of weeks ago, I shared the story of how I learned to knit. My Oma read my blog and emailed me with her wonderful learn-to-knit story. I hadn’t ever heard it before, and it made me smile as I pictured her, a teenager in Venezuela, rebelling against her mother, falling in love, and through all this, learning to knit. She agreed to let me share it here with you.

My Oma and Opa, at a date on the beach, before they were married.

You were asking about who taught me to knit. Well here is my story:

My mother was a great knitter. She would even make our panties and socks. And because of the hot, tropical weather of Venezuela, she would use regular sewing thread and size one needles. Incredible! She would just look at you and know how many stitches to cast on, when to reduce for sleeves and neck etc. 

She tried to teach me and I hated it. I preferred embroidering, and I refused to learn. Then I met your Opa. Oh the things we do for love!! I decided I wanted to impress him by knitting him a pullover. He used to play tennis a lot and at that time, all tennis garments had to be white (maybe my mother’s instructions were not totally lost after all). I found one of her patterns and, without telling her, I started the project. My first project and it was a cable stitch sweater, can you imagine? It was in two colors, white and navy blue for the ribbing on the waist, neck and shoulders. 

Your Opa was always very thin; his nickname was “flaco” (Spanish for skinny). But, when I took the finished sweater off the needles it was huge. The incredible Hulk would have been proud to wear it. Oh dear. The big surprise I had been preparing… well I had to give in and show it to my mother for help. She made me take it all apart and do it again. Months of work. Let me tell you: only love makes you do things like that. 

So here you have my knitting story. By the way, the second pullover came out pretty. 

I wish I had a picture of the finished pullover (both the first and second versions)!