This morning, I painted pumpkins.
I spread out a bunch of junk mail to protect the floor from spatters. I used regular acrylic paints, just black, white, burnt umber, green and a tiny bit of red. The paint slid from the brush onto the smooth surfaces of the pumpkins with a satisfying ease.
I had three pumpkins, so I picked three fun halloween motifs: Ghost. Spooky tree. Witch.
The fun thing about this project is how forgiving those three halloween motifs are. I could paint all three a bit lumpy or jagged or asymmetrical and it didn’t matter because ghosts, spooky trees, and witches are like that! This was totally no-stress painting.
If you still haven’t put up any decorations to invite those trick-or-treaters in tomorrow night, consider painting some pumpkins. 
Happy Halloween!