On Friday I turned 28. I woke in the dark early morning hours, and noticed with a start that the space next to me in bed was empty, so I opened the bedroom door… to the dizzying wonderful smell of baking chocolate cake. My boyfriend had woken in the middle of the night to bake for me! Now that’s a euphoric way to wake up.

Here I am in my pj’s, hair messy, feeling very special and loved at 5 in the morning on my birthday:

In a birthday mood, I worked that day on a new toy design: a clown hand-puppet. I may very well be knitting him up as you read this. 
In the evening, we had a little party, with all the important party ingredients: pizza, chocolate goodies and taboo. 
On Saturday we took a crazy, spontaneous roadtrip to Bremen. While my boyfriend went to a soccer game. I roamed the town and the art museum. I love Bremen. It’s a combination of old medieval charm and funky leftist vibe. The city is obsessed with the “Bremen Town Musicians” (you know, the donkey, the dog, the cat and the rooster from that old Grimm’s fairy tale?) and I had no idea until yesterday that it has such a vibrant yarn scene. 
Famous Bremen town hall

Those Bremen folk are a bit weird about their “musicians”

Hooray for yarn-bombed bike racks 
Check out this brimming yarn store, Kraftstoff. I love the little knit red bell on this bike.
In all, I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend.