My first ever mother’s day as a mom is coming up. Since we have absolutely no traditions set, I’m curious to see how my family and I decide to celebrate the day. My wish list is two items long: some quality time in the sun with my husband and baby, and some quality time in our quiet, empty apartment while my husband takes my son somewhere else.

My wish list consists of only intangibles, yet here I am writing a “gift guide” post, and let you in on some great finds for new mom gifts of the tangible variety. I’d toyed with the idea of writing gift guides for some holidays earlier in the year (Valentines Day, Easter…) but decided against it because I felt like the internet must be full of gift guides from better gift givers and/or shoppers than I could ever be. However, for Mother’s Day, I actually feel like I might be in a position to give some suggestions as to what might make good new mom gifts.

I’ve come up with 4 ideas to buy off of etsy, and 4 ideas to knit from free Ravelry patterns. Handmade goodness either way.

This list does not include items directly related to babies (there are 364 days out of the year for that), items related to household chores (I was going to include a cute apron, but then thought -I’d rather someone cook for me on Mother’s Day), or items related to working out (I love a good workout, but it doesn’t exactly feel like a pampering gift these days).

New Mom Gifts: To Buy

1. A comfy, practical, washable, but super fun and inspiring sweatshirt, like Species on Grey from  from Pinastyles because I feel happier when I don’t spend the whole day in my pjs, but whatever I wear needs to withstand baby spit-up.
2. Coral Bird Bookmarks from ZellyaDesigns (or a bookmark in a motif your new mom friend loves) because I need my reading downtime, but I know the baby could call out at any moment and force me to put the book down.
3. A beautiful Knitting Needle Case from KnitOneBeadTwo because it could stuff so nicely into my diaper bag and keep my knitting organized despite the chaos of mothering.
4. A colorful headband from my shop because I’m shameless babies love pulling hair, and I am always looking for a pretty way to put my hair up instead of resorting to my usual boring pony-tail again.

New Mom Gifts: To Knit

1. The comfy but beautiful sweater, Baggy Wave Sweater, designed by Pickles, because of all the reasons for #1 above, plus it looks like a pretty quick knit, for a sweater.
2. A Pretty Bookmark with Eyelet Lace by Rachadawan
3. Rose of Sharing hair tie, by Mary Jo Colwell, for a really quick, yet totally perfect gift
4. A bouquet of crocuses from yours truly, because knit flowers never wilt and die.

Okay, what’s on your Mother’s Day wish list?