I’ve been really engrossed in a couple of things recently: 
Touch: My latest knit design-in-progress is an Easter Kangaroo. I got this rather odd-sounding idea when I was trying to think of something more original than a bunny rabbit to make for easter. I love knit bunnies, but there are probably more patterns for knit bunnies out there than there are for all other knit animals combined. So then I thought, you know, a kangaroo may be an animal even better equip to deliver chocolate eggs than a bunny. She hops better, and she has a built-in pouch for carrying the candy. Why aren’t Easter Kangaroos already a part of popular culture?
For some reason, this design is kicking my butt. Hours seem to disappear like mere seconds, whole days have been swallowed, as I sit with my sketchbook and needles, and try to puzzle out the best way to form the precise 3-dimensional shapes for each kangaroo body part. Maybe it seems harder because I’m trying more than any pattern before to make the design not just good-enough, but perfect. Luckily I am using the most heavenly appealing yarn. I bought it recently just because of it’s purple color (I’ve been a little loco over purple this month). It’s Wolle-Rödel Universal, a poly-acrylic blend, inexpensive (which is good for toys and for knitter-experimentation) and it rolls of the fingers like water. I am definitely filling my stash with more of this stuff in all its colors!
Taste: Because of the strange way whole days seem to disappear while working on my kangaroo design, I haven’t had a lot of time to treat myself lately. I have however discovered a decadent send-you-right-do-heaven recipe for treating myself right from home and with little preparation. You have got to try this.
1. Pour yourself a cup of fresh, steaming coffee (with milk if you wish, but hold the sugar).
2. Break off a square of your favorite chocolate and pop it in your mouth. Make sure that the square is the right size to fit comfortably on tucked up on the roof of your mouth. 
3. With the chocolate sitting nicely between your tongue and palate, take a sip of your coffee. 
The warm liquid melts the outer layer of chocolate and it swirls around your mouth for a rich sensation that might just make you swoon. I can’t stop salivating even as I type this. 

Sound: I can’t listen to audiobooks while working out the geometry parts of designing, but there are also times in designing where I just have to knit 30 rounds straight, and as soon as I get to these sections, I eagerly click “play” on my latest listen. I just finished a book that easily made my favorites list: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. This book, set in slave-filled South Carolina of the 1810s and 20s had masterful story-telling, top quality narrators and characters who were interesting, flawed and lovable. Added bonus, one of the main characters was Sarah Grimke, who it turns out was a real person, one of the first women’s rights activists and female abolitionists in America, and listening to the story was a thoroughly enjoyable way to learn a ton about American History.

Sight: The crocus, my favorite flower in the world.

Smell: The smell of fresh spring air. It’s warm enough have the windows open for long spells of time as I work at my desk and even better than the sound of busy birds or the feel of the cool air on my cheek is the smell of freshness that fills the whole house in a way that was missing all winter.