I sit down to reflect on my today five senses with a bit of a headache. There’s Olympic downhill skiing on TV right now, and it’s proving difficult for me to turn it off, or even peel my attention away from it. Also, I’m making coffee and the kettle is getting louder. So I find myself writing, watching Olympics and making coffee all at the same time, no wonder I have a headache! It’s a multi-tasking headache. Yet I keep multi-tasking because in my twisted logic more tasks are the only way to distract myself from my headache. Do you find yourself tempted to multitask, and then suffering the consequences, like me? Taking a minute to pause. To concentrate on a single task, a single sense, that’s what these Five Senses posts are all about. I turn off the TV and the kettle. Coffee and Olympics can wait.

Sight: The way the light streams through the large window and over my desk. My room here is such a great work space. I love the soothing blue wall I look at. I look to my left, and watch the dozen resident birds, they’re all actively mating and nesting in the twiggy trees. Pigeons, jays, the fat brown tennis-ball sized birds that are the cutest. Since the trees are so leafless right now, all the half-build birds’ nests are clearly visible. The birds must know though, consciously or sub-consciously, that in a month or so, when egg-laying time comes, their nests will be better hidden and protected.

Touch: It’s just over a week ago now that I went skating on the frozen lake, but it’s still the sensation of touch that’s most powerful in my mind. Temperatures were hovering just above freezing. (They’ve been significantly above freezing in the week since, so all frozen lakes are now back to being liquid.) The ice under my blades was so glassy, even more smooth and blemish-free because of the thin sheen of water on top. It felt like riding on a butter knife.

Smell: The sharp, surprising difference between the smell of cold air and heated air. There’s only a single window between them, the air in my room and the air on our the balcony, between two completely different worlds of smell.

Sound: Every afternoon at 2pm, the ferry to Sweden toots her horn as she pulls out of her birth at the harbor about a kilometer away from my desk. I love that low, powerful sound.

Taste: Good German Bread, how I have missed you these past months. I’m so glad you’re back in my mouth!