I had no idea how overwhelming December is for a shop owner. All of a sudden my shop is seeing so much action! I can barely keep up with all the orders, along with preparing at the same time for my Craft Fair next weekend. It’s exciting and stressful, all at once.

In an attempt to calm my mind and hold onto my sanity amidst all the work, I’m going to focus for a moment on my five senses.

Sight: The sky is blue outside my window. A cold blue that makes me glad to be observing it from the warm protection of my room

Smell: The house smells like warm oats and coconut, thanks to the busy Christmas baking of my family members. It’s wonderful!

Sound: I am listening to Burial Rites as I knit. Even in my long experience of audio book listening, this book, read by Morven Christie, is one of the most beautiful performances I have ever heard. Christie’s voice is mesmerizing, haunting, an onomatopoeia for the remote and forlornly beautiful Icelandic landscape she is describing. The Icelandic names, rolling off her tongue – the sounds evoke for me the smooth heaviness of river-worn stones.

Taste: That’s an easy one. I taste chocolate. Specifically, IKEA-Foods Choklad Mörk bar, which is remarkably delicious

Touch:  My fingertips are roughened, nearly numb from the feel yarn and needles.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by December Christmas madness, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on your five senses.