Can I take a quick detour from knitting chat for just a second (bear with me!) and say how much fun it is to have a baby who can crawl?! He finally mastered the trick a couple days ago, after months of effort. He’s having a blast chasing objects from room to room, far too busy to pay any attention to me. I do follow along behind him, making sure he doesn’t stick the toilet brush in his mouth or rip up the paperbacks he’s pulled off the bottom shelves, but overall it’s a happy and peaceful parenting phase. I typically have my sock project in hand, skein stuffed in the back pocket of my jeans, as I follow baby around the apartment. Crawling-baby watching, and the simple, repetitive act of sock knitting are perfect partners, it turns out. (Would you look at that –we’re having a knitting chat after all!)

You know what else crawling babies have to do with knitting? When said crawling babies are wearing hand-knit sweaters!

I talked about this baby fair isle sweater when it was a WIP a couple weeks ago, and I wanted to share the finished product with you. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Almost in awe happy. From beginning to end, it was one of those projects that just flowed. It was like some knitter-angel on my shoulder was whispering to me all the right little details to add, exactly when to change colors or stitch patterns etc.

When I tried it on my baby this morning, it fit as if I’d been making meticulous measurements all along, instead of just estimating.

One of my favorite details is the unexpected ribbing for the lower half of the sleeve. I just kind of got the idea as I was knitting it that it would be practical to end the sleeves with a bit of ribbing, for some more stretch. I didn’t give much thought at that time to the look. On the finished sweater, though, I think this ribbing totally makes the sleeve look extra special.

If I were to change anything, I would add more stitches around to the fair isle section. It’s not too tight around his chest while he’s wearing it, but it is a wee bit tight pulling the sweater on and off. Ah well, something I learned for next time. On the plus side, fair isle, with all its layers of yarn carried along the back side, does make a sweater warmer.

I also love how little of the yellow yarn I used in the end –just the few rows of yellow ribbing around the bottom and a few yellow dots in the fair isle. It’s subtle and perfect. I thought before I started that I was going to add more yellow -to the yoke or on the sleeves, but I guess when I got to that part, that little knitting angel on my shoulder whispered that I didn’t need to.

I guess you could say I’m kind of obsessed with this sweater. 
Baby seems to love it too.