Being from 2009, my ancient laptop no is no longer capable of getting its own auto-updates off the internet, so its in the apple repair shop, and I’m writting a blog post on my iPod, using my fat thumbs. Also, I’m sure there’s a way I don’t know about to get photos from my camera onto this blog post without needing my computer to upload them first (maybe there is, maybe there isn’t?) but I don’t know it, so all I can give you for a visual today is this:???. Sheepies.

And I wouldn’t blame you if at this point you roll your eyes and say “this Yarn Birdy blogger person, does she ever have anything to blog about except excuses about why she isn’t blogging about something?”

Well, all I can say is, clearly I’m a bit of a bumbling amateur in terms of blogging but I hope you’ll stick around and continue reading and commenting and knitting along with me. If my computer is repaired by Thursday, I’ll have pictures to show you of the ear warmers I knit myself this week to wear while jogging (they say new work out clothes is a great motivator to exercise, don’t they?) I’ll also share with you my new discovery of an amazing knitting store, and the project I’m team-knitting with my grandmother.

But now, i’m going to take advantage of a sleeping baby and go to bed myself. ???