March. The month of the crocus, my favorite flower.

 The brilliant purple of these little blooms is the first color to pierce the grey-brown of winter, so this months etsy finds is devoted to PURPLE!

1. Tiny Purple Goldfish Clutch Purse by Misala

I’m such a sucker for everyday, inanimate objects turned into animals. This kissable purple goldfish is only one of dozens of charming animal coin purses in this shop.

2. Purple Turban Headband by MallinaDesign

I admire MallinaDesigns for its classic, cozy knits with special flair, like this turban headband -garter stitch made special through a flower pin. I also love the way the items in this shop are photographed, in little scenes so you feel like you’re entering a whole charming world. 
Of course, I can’t get through an etsy finds article without including a bird, and this painting captures the delicacy and softness of a little spring bird as only a great watercolor can. This bird is so much like the ones flitting about outside my window right now. 

4. Crochet Turtle made out of African Flowers by HandmadebyFieke

This turtle works on multiple levels: as a cute and cuddly critter, but also as an exquisite display of crocheted African Flowers. I just love it!