Alright, let’s kick off this year’s first episode of Etsy Finds. 4 days late, but remember I said that Etsy-Finds arrive on the 1st(ish) of every month, so the 4th of January still qualifies right?

For this month’s theme, I chose Birds. I had to, after all, I’m the Yarn Birdy. But since January is the most wintery of all months, I selected 4 beautiful, handmade bird creations that are all wintery and seasonally appropriate.

1. Cute Mittens by MocaraShop

Not only hand-knit with a fun stitch pattern, these fat little red-breasted birdies, cuddled down low to keep their feet warm are pretty much as cute as can be.

2. Besides gloves, the other classic winter knit accessory is, of course, the scarf. Parrot Scarf, by Ninafuehrer is a wonderfully unique take on this standard strip of fabric.

It’s like a more fun, more humane take on one of those old-fashioned fox-fur wraps complete with fox-head. Plus, the Cock-a-too is a way cooler animal! This whole shop is full of clever, unique animal scarves.

3. Knitting Tree Print by Shoofly

Birdies making yarn nests. A tree bundled up against cold weather in yarn-bombed strips of knitting. There are so many aspects that I love about this drawing.

4. Amigurumi Bird Buddy Pattern by Kbett

Okay, I don’t exactly have a way to make this “january” themed, except that this little crocheted bird buddy is so cute she is the ideal feature for any month! I think I’m going to learn how to crochet just to make her. You guys know I used to have cockatiels right?