This past week-and-a-half has been enormous in my life. I took a short break from my shop and blog in order to have a couple some time to go through my childhood room in California from top to bottom and pack what I needed to move back to Germany, and some time to settle into and start enjoying my new home. I felt so much sorrow in saying goodbye to people and places that belong to my 20+ past years, but also so, so much excitement about being back in Germany and moving forward. I love how, when I come to a new place, or one I haven’t been to in a while, the simplest, most mundane bits of the landscape seem gloriously beautiful. Like this little bit of seaweed- and ice-strewn shore:

Anyway, this months Etsy Finds are four beautiful items centered around the theme “Frozen.” I chose this theme because a) I went with my sister and mom to see the Disney movie the evening before my flight, kind of a goodbye event, and I loved it. And because b) I moved from California to Germany. From a winter of dry heat-waves to a winter of frozen lakes, crusty snow, and below zero temperatures. 
Etsty Finds: Frozen February

Theaterclouds has been one of my favorite Etsy shops since I stumbled across it a couple of months ago. Artist Elly McKay cuts tiny miniature worlds out of paper and sets them delicately in a lightbox to take these brilliantly evocative photographs. “Gerda and Bae” are from no folk tale I’ve ever heard of, but the magic of this art work is that with one look I can imagine a whole sweeping, mystical world that these figures must belong to.
One of the things I loved about Frozen the Disney movie was its use of traditional Norwegian design in all the costumes, buildings and even in the snowflakes that the animation artists drew. Since seeing the movie, I’ve been obsessively thinking about Norwegian patterning in knits. This child’s sweater by Amarina Levin is inspiring.
A little homage to Oakland, the wonderful city I said goodbye to this week. This print is by the Oakland artist Lisa Congdon. This isn’t exactly what the trees look like in Oakland right now, but it is very much how they look in Germany. Except for the colorful stripes -maybe they’re yarn-bombed? This print makes me want to yarn-bomb my neighborhood just like it. 

Last but not least, an amazing yarn-toy set. I like the bright colors and the short-fat cuteness of these dolls. If I were 20 years younger, these would be some of my favorite playthings.