Reopening Yarn Birdy Shop on etsy means I’m spending a lot of time on the site these days, revising my listings and rearranging my shop page (… should the teddy bear be next to the kangaroo? Should I put the handwarmers front-and-center, or the finger puppets?…) A side-effect of this is that I find myself getting caught up in the wonderful, creative, and inspiring etsy rabbit hole, clicking from one unique handmade shop to another.

Come join me in this rabbit hole, if you’d like. Let me give you a push with a couple of my recent etsy
favorite finds. We’re going ocean-themed for this little collection since my mind is on knit whales.

1. Hand Knit Yellow Submarine by SoftGreySweater

I’m thinking about the not-too-distant future and a little boy of mine: his favorite game now is chewing on his own fist, but in just a few years he will be imagining adventures and driving toy vehicles around the apartment. A Yellow Submarine is such a fun addition to a young kid’s collection!

2. Crab Watercolor Painting by Jaschlos

I have been really inspired by beautiful watercolors recently. I can’t take my eyes off of this one -the colors, the simple patterns… I wish I could see it in person and get a physical, tactile sense of the paint on paper.

3. Jumper with Whale, Fish and Waves Knitting Pattern, by iKnitDesigns

I fear my son will be subjected to a million knit sweaters with cute animals on them before he reaches the age of 4. In any case, this one is on my shortlist.
Have you ever used a yarn bowl to keep your yarn from tangling? I never have, but someday, when I have a big studio space where a bowl this gorgeous could shine, I think I’ll buy one from this shop. It will feel like heavenly luxury.
How many narwhals does it take to knit a scarf? Love, love, love!! this art print. 
What etsy treasures have you stumbled upon recently?