Since beginning as an Etsy seller just a few months ago, I have spent uncountable hours clicking through other Etsy shops. There is so much I can learn from examining what people around the world are creating, and how they’re presenting and selling it. Heck, forget learning, this stuff is endless fun to ogle and admire.

So, for your ogling pleasure, here are four of my favorite Etsy finds, Halloween-themed in honor of the month.

1. Knitted Alien Autopsy, from aKNITomy

I’m a big fan of this shop, full of knit dissections, hovering perfectly on the border between cute and creepy. Shop creator Emily writes that she is not a scientist, she just “has a layman’s love of it.” I think this would make a deliciously original Halloween-themed decoration. 

2. Crocheted Orange Fox by crochAndi

This Romanian-based Etsy shop has lots of cute crocheted toys but this fox is my favorite because of her adorable little brown dress and the flower bow placed jauntily in front of her right ear. I also love her vivid orange color; this color is the essence of the Halloween season.

3. Halloween Black Cat with a Pumpkin by Felttess

Here’s another animal to cute to resist. Is this cat holding up this knife to harmlessly carve the pumpkin in his paw or to fulfill your Halloween nightmares?

4. Peek-a-Boo Greeting Card by Whimsywhimsical

Besides yarn-products, I find myself irresistibly drawn as well to charming animal graphics. Whimsywimsical greeting cards have an aesthetic that’s just to-die-for. I’m featuring this card because of its Halloween-ness, but their whole shop is definitely worth a browse.

*These items and their photographs do not belong to me but are the creative property of these talented Etsy sellers. Click on the links back to their shops for further information.