Easy ways to play with the Simple Ball Pattern

Dec 10, 2015 | Knitting Pattern | 4 comments

Wow, I’m so glad so many of you liked my simple ball pattern! I got a bunch of happy feedback from folks on Ravelry and on Instagram who have already made a ball or two for themselves (in fact, check out the gorgeous colors of this ball by awesome knitter Studioklh). The positive way with which this pattern was received is solidifying my belief that the best knitting patterns are those that give some guidance and structure, but let the creativity of the individual knitter really shine through.

As promised, today I wanted to share with you a couple of ways I experimented with the simple ball pattern over this past week. All three of the balls I made followed the original pattern exactly for the first 7 and last 8 rows. I played around only with the middle 7 rows. That way I didn’t have worry at all about working around the increases or decreases, and they were all really easy to make. 


Up first: my “Snow Flurry” ball:

I knew I had to make at least one christmas ornament ball with this sparkly blue yarn I had in my stash (sorry I don’t know where it’s from; I’ve had it forever). To make this ball, I knit in the round and used fair isle technique for the color changes.


Next, my “Purple Jupiter” ball:

I call this Purple Jupiter, because, like the largest planet of our solar system, this ball turned out bigger than its fellows. The purple yarn was just a bit thicker, bordering on bulky weight. Not a problem, I still love it. For this ball, I knit flat (although it would be just as easy in-the-round) and worked the middle 7 rows in seed- stitch (k1, p1) for the lovely, coarse texture. Super easy.


Last, but not least, my “Rudolf” ball:

(Don’t tell the other balls, but he’s my favorite. I have a thing for cute animals.) I knit this ball flat and used intarsia technique to add the brown Rudolf face. I added the red nose and black eyes using duplicate stitch after the ball was completed, but before it was sewn up and stuffed. I actually think it would be pretty easy and look even better if I used duplicate stitch for the entire animal. I plan to try a snow-man ball next, using just duplicate stitch to “draw” the snowman on. 


As it happened, nap time was over before I got around to photographing these yesterday. I decided to try anyway. Ha! My 12-month-old son had a great time, grabbing and tossing knit balls up, down, left and right. My photos didn’t quite turn out as perfectly professional as I’d hoped, but at least I confirmed with a real test subject that the finished balls are darn fun to play with. 

Here’s the link to the original pattern again, just in case you missed it: Simple Ball