Sleep depravation totally wrecks havoc on my ability with words, spoken or written. Living in Germany, I spend most of my day communicating in a language that is not my mother tongue. While I usually find this a fun challenge, now, as I round out this second week of my-baby-no-longer-wants-to-sleep-at-night, I just really wish I could do all my communicating in English. Thank goodness the part of the brain in charge of knitting doesn’t seem to be detrimentally affected by lack of sleep. Maybe -and I’m just thinking aloud here- lack of sleep may even be beneficial by allowing me to tap into sides of my creativity usually well cloaked in well-rested, rational thoughts. No? Okay, probably lack of sleep induces nothing better than long-winded written detours.

Lets get to what’s been coming off my needles these days.

I mentioned train-knitting last week, and how I didn’t manage to pull out my needles on my trip as I’d hoped. Well, during the visit with my in-laws, and on the train ride home I actually had some enjoyable and productive knitting time. I’d been dreaming about cables, and I spent the week away exploring them. I wasn’t productive in meters knit, rather, in thinking about knitting ideas, envisioning stitches and testing them out. I knit up, and then ripped out again a lot of stitches, but each of these “failed” attempts felt like it was teaching me something about forming and designing with cables.

Here’s the cable design that ended up sticking:

I like it. I’m not in love with it. I wanted to use cable techniques almost like a pen doodling on paper, and I found that it isn’t possible to be quite that free, or at least I couldn’t make it work yet. Nonetheless, the pattern is simple, soft and unique, good enough for a finished, wearable object.

You see, these earwarmers are not just an experiment with cabling, but are also a very practical garment for me to wear when running:

Haha Funny story: It was cold, I was beyond tired, and I wanted to take a picture of my earwarmers in action to post on the blog, but I didn’t want to leave my apartment (even though husband had taken the baby off my hands for a couple of hours). So I attempted a sad excuse for a photo shoot on our tiny balcony. As each picture turned out looking more awkward and posed than the last, I started to feel pretty guilty about saying that I was going to use these earwarmers for running, and then not actually doing that. So, with a sigh, I tied up my sneakers, zipped up my jacket and got moving. It was actually the best run I’ve had in ages (since pre-pregancy?) and here’s the grainy ipod photo to prove it:

Okay, I know I promised talk of knitting stores and knitting grandmothers, but I think I’m going to save those for another post, and use these next 20 minutes to try to take a power nap, before this baby yarn-o-holic wakes up:
(He really does find skeins to be great toys -they’re soft, squishy, and have great bits for easy holding, even with uncoordinated baby hands.)