I know I want to design a walrus. I know I want him to be fat and cute and look like a natural walrus, just simpler, and yarny-er. I know I want him to be just slightly smaller than Lasse the Whale, so that they can be friends. I know I want his name to be Walrus Piet. 
I have just the right yarn for him, in two shades of brown, and in white. It’s soft yet inexpensive, the ideal toy yarn. I’ve come up with a clever trick that I’m pleased with to give the tusks a nice gentle curvature. I’m semi-satisfied with the front flippers (although as I browse through hundreds of of walrus photos on google, I notice how prominent the finger-like structure is on walrus flippers. Should Walrus Piet have fingers?) 

Beyond that though, I’m stuck, and I’ve been stuck for a week. What shape should the tail have? How much longer is the body than it is round? Should I make the head even with the back, or should it start a bit lower down? I feel like I don’t know walruses well enough to figure it out. I’m looking at lots of internet images, but I’m still stumped.

I find myself subconsciously getting a bit down on myself for this designer’s block. I can’t make progress on the walrus, so I’ve been dreading and avoiding my whole workspace… which means I don’t get blog posts written or non-walrus projects knit either. (On the plus side, my kitchen is nice and clean, and I’ve read 2 novels this week.)

Today, I’m trying out a new attitude. I have my stopwatch set, and I picked up some glittery stickers from the drugstore around the corner. Every day that I spend 10 minutes working on walrus design I get to put a sticker in my calendar. I don’t have to make any actual progress if it just isn’t coming, but I don’t have to be afraid of trying either, because 10 minutes isn’t scary. I’ll let you know if this attitude works I break through my designer’s block.