I’m not a lover of categories “masculine” and “feminine” in clothing -I suspect many of us alive in this 21st century aren’t. What gets deemed “feminine” or “masculine” is culturally variable, usually arbitrary, and often limiting. 
At the same time, I find myself designing knit wears that mostly women are buying. My hand warmers, in their varying designs and color iterations, have been big sellers among the possessors of XX chromosomes. Men are buying them too -exclusively as presents for their wives, girlfriends or daughters. 
So, as an experiment, and a challenge, I’m designing hand warmers for men. I’m accepting “masculine” and “feminine” for the moment and seeing what I can do with these categories. 
I started with some brainstorming, and came up with 3 features on which to alter my current hand warmer pattern for a more “masculine” look: shorter, broader, darker colored

Now I’m fiddling with needles and yarn and solidifying a pattern. On Saturday my friend George is visiting, and he doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll test my finished design out on him.