Currently, I’m 

– wanting: a sewing machine. And a new-ish bike. And I’m having such difficulty deciding which of these items I should buy first (the other one will have to wait, for budget reasons) that I’m buying neither.
– needing: to clean my house. This is a perpetual need, and somehow, those magical house-cleaning elves that come at night have never gotten the memo.

– loving: that it finally really feels like springtime. Bring on that green!

– enjoying: my current audiobook Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded. At first I was really dragging myself to get through it, but an hour or so into the listening it started getting really good. Who knew a book about geology could be so humorous and engaging?
– feeling: to be honest, tired. My baby’s sleep is slowly, slowly improving, but it’s been nearly 6 months of interrupted nights, and it’s going to take a long time to catch up.
– finishing: knitting the little boy hand puppet (the one with the narrow stripes). I would already have him finished, but the first version of his head was too big, so I decapitated him and and am knitting a new head.

– marveling: at my amazing Oma, who read my blog post from last week when I said I’d never knit a sock and is putting together a collection of lovely sock yarn to inspire me.

– planning: to ship a Pippi and a Friendly Frog (Yarn Birdy shop orders) off to their new homes today.
– looking forward to: weekend knitting. I feel like knitting a little bee. 

*(format for this post adapted from a post on this blog)