Currently, I’m 

– wanting: Chocolate! in all varieties. I have always been a chocoholic, but these days I can’t seem to satisfy the craving for even a second. 
– needing: to do some yoga or stretching or something to relax my upper back. The combination of too much knitting, writing, nursing, and baby carrying has made me really stiff. Anyone have any super good tricks to suggest? 

– loving: This lazy summer my family and I decided to have. Instead of taking on any big projects or going on any big trips we’re just appreciating small moments, nearby home. The world is beautiful right here where I live, which I knew, but am appreciating even more now. 

Sights like this: walking distance away!
– enjoying: catching up on reading my favorite blogs, especially Alina’s post of her answers to the ABC knitting survey
– feeling: grateful. For the past couple of months, I’d been feeling a lot of worry. Not about anything major, just about everyday life. I kept telling myself -things are pretty good, try to be grateful. But sometimes you just have to give your soul time to come to that realization itself. Anyway, yesterday, the gratefulness finally burst through, and it feels good. There are so many things, little and large that are wonderful in my life.
– finishing: revising the design for Lasse the Whale. It’s been taking me forever, mostly because I have to overcome my fear (of failure? of encountering obstacles?) every time I sit down to work on it. But it’s really 99.9% done now. And I’m excited because, well, frankly, it’s good!

– marveling: at having a 9-month-old kid. It’s like overnight he went from being a baby who cried and laughed but didn’t really understand much about the world, to being a person who makes jokes, and responds to basic commands and questions, who has very specific opinions about what he wants or doesn’t want. And it’s so fun and miraculous to watch. 

– planning: the best way for me to plan. It sounds redundant, and maybe it is, but I’ve found it quite challenging these past nine months to balance being a mother with working, with creating toy designs, and with completing my own creative projects, so I’m researching and trying out all sorts of planning and scheduling methods, to try to find the one that fits my needs and my soul.
My chaotic desk, as of 5 days ago. I need a better planning/organizing system
– looking forward to: September. It’s a big birthday month for my family, including my own birthday. As my birthday gift to myself, I’m planning to enroll in an intensive weekend sewing class, and I’m quite excited.