Comet the Dragon on Etsy
Each toy I make becomes my new favorite, and this little dragon is my latest obsession.
Where in the world should I fly to next on my little red wings? Comet is asking

Or maybe, it’s too hard to fly my chubby body all over the world. I’ll just sit on the Atlas instead!

I can get my human friends to read to me about the wild adventures of other dragons.

I had a lot of fun and a bit of struggle designing this guy. He was inspired by a combination of two ideas: first, my sister told me I should make a toy based on the My Father’s Dragon books of Ruth Stiles Gannett and Ruth Chrisman Gannett. We’d read these books over and over again as children. At the same time, I had been thinking a lot about how I wanted to combine some fun cable stitching, like I do on my handwarmers, with a toy design. And I realized the scaly, yet magical back of a dragon would be exactly the place to experiment with this.

In the end, his cabled back came relatively easily. Each other part I designed -the shape of his underbelly, his feet, his tail, head, even his eyes, I needed to pull out and re-do until I was satisfied. I was having so much trouble, that I was actually going to not make any wings for him at all, until my sister insisted -how sad is a dragon who can’t fly? she asked. Now, I love him all the more for all the challenges he gave me.

Want to learn the basic cabling pattern I used on his back? It’s a great simple cable stitch for you knitters out there who have been nervous to try out cabling.

Here’s how to make a simple square in Dragon-Scale Cable Stitch
Cast On 16 stitches (or any multiple of 5 plus 1)
Row 1: *P1 K4* repeat 3x, P1
Row 2 &4: *K1 P4* repeat 3x, K1
Row 3: *P1 slip 2 stitches onto the cable needle and hold in front. Knit 2 stitches from left needle and then knit 2 stitches from cable needle* Repeat 3x, P1 
slip 2 stitches onto cable needle and hold in front 
K2 from left needle (stitches from cable needle stay in front for this step)

K2 from the cable needle

The Dragon Scale Cable Square in Progress
Continue repeating these 4 rows until your square is a size you like. Use it as a coaster, or the patch in a blanket, or knit it longer for a unique bookmark… whatever your fantasy can come up with.
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