The first step was to drag up this desk and this fun orange chair from the basement storage. Then we pushed the furniture around in the bedroom until the desk fit in the best, brightest corner of the room. We made a quick trip to Ikea to buy the box for my yarn stash (pale green and floral, in the bottom right corner) and the triangle supports for the shelf to hold my books and binders. The wood slats for the shelf were already stashed in our basement, left over from some past project. 
My boyfriend who’s a natural when it comes to small building projects measured, drilled and secured the shelf, while I whipped up a curtain tie on my knitting needles. 

I am so so happy in my new studio… but the construction is not over quite yet.

Next, my boyfriend helped me build a long skinny box, the right dimensions for my knitting needles. We searched our remarkable fruitful basement storage again, this time for some stray bits of cardboard.

My new knitting needle box is “merely” cardboard, glue and paint, but we took its gluing very seriously, holding it together with welder’s clamps during the drying phase. 
I painted the box yellow on the inside and blue with yellow web-like design around the sides. But there was still one more project to make the craft studio complete…

As I mentioned in the last post, running a craft business today means learning how to be a professional quality photographer. This final project is an important new addition to my photographic toolkit: a lightbox. A lightbox is a 4-sided box in white which is quite handy for photographing small craft objects without them getting lost in complicated backgrounds.
This too, we built entirely out of wood scraps from old projects. What was important here was that the boards were fully white. 
And here’s Georgie the Bear, eager for a portrait session in my new light box!

What objects have you build (or do you dream of building) for your craft studio?