For so much of my life I have been a morning person, and that fact is engrained in my head as part of my own self-definition. But these days, I find a) I have trouble getting out of bed before 7:30 and b) I can be amazingly productive if I can force myself to stay awake and work into the wee hours of the night!

Last night I knit, ripped stitches, re-knit, experimented with different knit techniques, until I finally finished this blue poogle to my satisfaction.

I sketched and crossed out pages of designs and pattern notes.

The head took me three tries to get right, the hind legs two, the front legs four and the body five. Okay, I’m still not fully satisfied with the body, but it all fits together well enough for me to call it good for now.

This blue Poogle is a commission. I had never even heard of the dog breed “poogle” before my friend asked me to knit this for her niece. The major challenge of this project was how to get something to look not only dog-like, but like a specific dog breed when knitting it in a totally un-dog-like color.

At times I felt a bit over my head. I’m not a dog person, and I feared that real dog people would sniff me out as a fake. But then I reminded myself that this was meant to be a present for a young girl. Even if I had never been a dog person, I had once been a young girl, and I knew that cuteness in a stuffed animal was more important than any anatomical accuracy.

So I chose to give my poogle a round, chubby belly -cuteness over accuracy. And of course, there are her big, droopy eyes, and her floppy ears.

And I’m happy with how his size and shape are just right to make her very play-able. She can sit, stand, lay on her back and have his belly scratched, fly on the hands of a little girl, cuttle in bed, anything.

Now I’m off to knit this poogle a purple poogle sister. It should go much more quickly this time, since I have all the pattern notes. That is if I can read through my cross-outs and false starts.

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