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My eyes are way bigger than my stomach, so the saying goes about food. Well, my eyes are way bigger than the time I have in a day, I say about all the cool knitting projects I'd love to tackle. Especially right now, in this season when I have two little babies keeping...

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Little Friendly Lion Free Knitting Pattern

Knit this quick easy Little Friendly Lion Toy with scraps of yarn from your stash. He works great as a personalized gift for a kid, or a cute figurine to sit on your desk and bring a smile to your workday. Lions seem like such a summertime animal to me. I’m not quite...

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Is your life so hectic and busy that you can't fit much knitting in? My life feels that way these days, so I'm just focusing on knitting something everyday. It's amazing how far that can take you! Whew! Last week was TOUGH for me. My toddler, a handful on his calmest...

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Knit Storybook Dolls: my Inspiration

As a young girl, and even a young teenager (long after my age demanded I stop being interested in dolls) I loved creating paper dolls. Each of my dolls had a name, a personality, a daily school schedule, and bazillions of paper outfits, beautifully patterned and...

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A new Yarn Birdy Baby

I'm so excited to welcome a new baby bird into my family and into the world! Little baby M was born in the middle of May, and along with his rambunctious toddler brother, has been making life challenging for me since then. It's wonderful and I'm so happy. Baby M is...

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