If you read this blog as “The Yarnery,” I’m so glad you’ve now found me here at my new home “Yarn Birdy.” Although I explained here why I felt like I had to change my name, I haven’t yet told you why the name “Yarn Birdy” is perfect for me and my shop and blog endeavors. Let me tell you now.

Meet Tito:

She’d taken a nice comfy seat on my mom’s head for this photo. Not at all unusual for this crazy little flyer.

Also, meet Flash:

I’m desperately sorry this picture is so grainy, but its from a dozen years ago. 
I got Flash and Tito in when I was 14, right about the time I decide not to go to school but to stay home teach myself for my 8th grade year. For a year, Tito and Flash sat on my knees, tucked in the dark under my desk all day long as I diligently performed the roles of both teacher and student. Even after I went back to real school, our bond was firmly formed.
My family had had pets before -a hamster, kittens, parakeets, but I’d never bonded with them like I did with these two birdies. I swear, Tito and Flash were complex, intelligent little souls, lovable for their unique traits. Tito was a bit haughty (notice her choice of perch on the top of a head). She was beautiful, elegant and proud, but betrayed her emotional side when she would call out to us, or fly into our rooms for visits. Flash was a bumbling klutz. He couldn’t fly but that never stopped him from trying. He charmed the family with his silliness, his cute whistles the curiosity that always got him into scrapes…
Any non-pet owners are rolling their eyes and groaning at this point, if they’ve even read this far. Sorry. It’s corny and maybe even dumb, but those birdies meant so much to me. Even now that they’re long gone. 
If falling in love with my cockatiel pets when I was 14 changed my life forever, it wasn’t as if there weren’t warning signs before this that I would become a bird lover. In one of my earliest memories, I am with my family at an outdoor craft fair. I had recently gotten my ears pierced, and I had about $20 of birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. I was searching for the perfect thing to buy for myself and I found these earrings: 
These earrings were the biggest purchase I’d ever made, and they were a huge deal for me. I blew my entire savings on them! And they were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, to this day. They are still my favorite earrings. Seriously -who has such good taste as a 6-year-old? I guess even then, I knew you can never go wrong with birdies!
So all this about my obsession with birds, have I ever knit any birds? Well, I made this Macaw as one of my finger puppets: 
And there’s this much earlier project, a penguin I made for my little German boys
But I’m embarrassed to say, that’s about it. It’s high time I make a full sized, non-antarctic bird! I’m open to suggestions. Which kind of bird should I shoot for? What are your favorite birds? Which birds would make awesome toys?