My latest knit is a new and improved version of the Perfectly Practical Baby Vest I knit back in December, and wrote about on the blog here and here. What’s that? You want to see it on the live model? But, of course!

Complete with a string of drool flying from his chin.

But seriously, I’m quite happy with this vest. It was fun to knit, and fits baby nicely. Furthermore, tweaking my original design taught me a whole slew of things that will be useful in my future/dream career as a top knits designer for babies and kids.

I stuck with some of the most important design features of the original vest, namely a stretchy stitch, and shoulder buttons to make baby dressing as tear-free as possible.

But I switched it up by picking up and knitting ribbing around the arm and neck holes which totally makes the whole thing look more finished and elegant. I also knit the body in stockinette stitch instead of ribbing. The major advantage of this is that then I could add a cute creature to the front with duplicate stitch.

It’s a turtle, can’t you tell? No? My husband couldn’t either. It was his turn to dress our son the other day, and I yelled out from the other room “Put him in his new turtle vest that I made!”

-“Turtle vest?” My husband replied, searching through baby’s clothing drawer in confusion, “Do you mean this green one with the spider on the front?”

Oye. Turtle or spider though, my husband reassured me that he thought the vest was very cute. He even thinks I should make these vests available in my etsy shop, in a variety of colors and with a variety of cute critters beyond just the “spurtle.” Maybe I will.