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Dec 5, 2016 | Designing Knits, Knitting Business, Life Beyond Yarn | 1 comment

Hi readers? Anyone still there? I know I abandoned you for a few months, and I’m sorry about that. I hope you had amazing autumns and are enjoying a December with lots of knitting time.

After the birth of my second baby in May, I was plugging along, still knitting, still writing blog posts, still testing patterns, still creating, until suddenly I hit this huge impenetrable wall of accumulated sleep depravation. My brain felt like such mush! But, since I got blessed with a baby who was (is) not  a good sleeper, and since I had to get up with my baby each time he woke at night, I decided to do my best to enjoy it. This meant all non-essential duties had to fall away. I couldn’t be happy about nursing and rocking my baby at 2am if I was fretful about all the things I wouldn’t get done the following day. I stopped trying to create with any sort of structure or goals or regularity. And, surprisingly, it felt really good. For nearly 6 months, I spent my limited free time doing whatever felt easy at the moment. This often meant reading, often listening to the radio, sometimes napping and sometimes doodling. And sometimes knitting too.

But what I found too difficult to do with my sleep-deprived brain was to share my creations. Interacting with others, talking, responding, editing -whew! that felt like too much. (Anyone else feel like sharing is one of the most challenging parts of knitting? I create in order to interact, to give, to learn, to open myself to others and yet that’s the hardest part of the whole business. Do you feel this way too?)

knitting with baby

Now though, I feel a yearning to reconnect. The sleeping situation in our household has improved a bit and I find I’ve missed Yarn Birdy. I’m restarting really slowly, though. I don’t have a fresh new pattern to share with you all, but I do have something kind of exciting:

Patterns as downloadable PDFs!!

A while back, I did an informal survey of some readers about how they prefer to get their patterns, and the overwhelming response was as a downloadable pdf that they can print or add to their Ravelry library. As I get back into the swing of things, this is the first project I’m tackling. So far, I’ve created and formatted two of my most popular free patterns as pdfs (right in time to make for Christmas too):

Simple Ball (to knit two ways)

simple ball knitting pattern
Little Angel Knitting Pattern

Scroll down a bit for the link to the pdf download. You can download these patterns with no strings attached. No mailing list sign up required. Really, they are 100% for your free enjoyment -Merry Christmas! (If you want on to the mailing list, you can find that button on the blog sidebar.) If you want to download them via Ravelry, so they will be stored in your Ravelry library, you can do that here: Simple Ball, Little Angel

I’ll be adding downloadable PDFs to my other free patterns over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.


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