Although I do occasionally go through more gregarious phases, I would absolutely describe myself as an introvert. I’m shy. Reaching out to people I don’t know makes me nervous. I have a hunch that a lot of bloggers would say this about themselves. Blogging is so appealing to us because it’s a way to connect while staying in our secure, quiet personal space at the same time.

So, anyway, I’m writing this whale knitting pattern, and I’m nervous the whole time because I know that an imminent next step is to call out there into the knitting universe and find test knitters who can try out my pattern and then talk to me about the strengths and weaknesses of my work. My shy self is balking. I’m worried that there is some method that all pattern writers know that I have never learned, and my patterns are laughable, like a four-year-old who scribbles on a paper and calls it an important letter, just like mommy writes.

I have finished converting my notes into a first draft of the pattern. I still have to go through it myself and make sure I can successfully make a whale when I follow it, but that should only take a day or two and after that, it’s time to face my fears and get test knitters. I’m going to try finding them through ravelry, but of course, if you’re reading this and want to be a test knitter, leave a comment letting me know.