Last Weekend, I took a beginner’s sewing class. I’ve sewn before -I hand-sewed myself a t-shirt back in April which I’ve been wearing regularly all summer. But I’d never really learned how to sew, and I felt like it was time to get some basics under my belt.

We were five women in the class, sitting on ergonomic crafting chairs in front of borrowed sewing machines. For an hour, the teacher explained lots of details about theory, and told us we were all going to start by sewing bags. Then we all got to get up and wander the fabric store in search of some fabrics for our first projects. I’m a knitter and that’s not going to change, but oh my! is picking out fabric at a great fabric store one of crafting’s true pleasures. Dare I say it’s even more fun than picking out yarn? Okay, maybe I dare not say that: the two activities are different and equally fun.

I picked red birdies for the outside of the bag. I found some blue and white cloud fabric which I thought paired whimsically with the birdies. And then I grabbed some simple yellow flower fabric to complete the circle of primary colors.

Five hours of hard work later, and here is how my first project turned out:

It’s a travel bag for my knitting needles. I LOVE it!

I usually like to dive right in with crafts. No training? Who cares. Learn on the go, and all that jazz.  Far too many adults are afraid to try a new craft. But crafting is not heart surgery; no one is going to get hurt if you mess up. So if a new craft is appealing to you, go for it!

And then, once you’ve given your craft a fearless go, if it’s still appealing, by all means take a class. Your abilities will get a major boost with a bit of well timed training from experts. 

At least, that was my experience taking a beginner sewing class.