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There’s something special about a handmade toy. It is magical for both the maker and the receiver. I learned this when I knit my very first toy (a stuffed cow) eight years ago for some little boys I nannied. From that first toy onward, I was hooked. I’ve knit hundreds of toys since. In 2013, I started designing toys. In my patterns, I strive to guide you through a joyful and playful making experience, leaving plenty of room for your own artistry to turn your toy into something perfect and uniquely you.

When you knit a toy you can’t help but tap into your inner child: full of delight, playfulness and creativity.

Yarn Birdy knit toy patterns don’t require expensive yarn. (Knit them with extras from your stash) They don’t require you to be an expert knitter, just someone who’s willing to try and learn a couple new techniques. (I have lots of step-by-step tutorials here on the site, plus am always available to my customers via email yarnbirdy [at] gmail [dot] com) They don’t require months of tedious work. (All my toys are all small, varied and rewarding) Watch out though, you may just become a toy-knitting addict!

Ready to cast on? Check out my free patterns for some sweet inspiration, or visit my pattern store for even more charming cuteness.

Did I fully introduce myself? I’m Alexis. Besides my addiction to knitting and designing toys keeping me busy, I’m a full-time mom of two sons, ages 2 and 1. I’m from California, but live in northern Germany with my family. I love art history, going for walks, playing tennis and reading. I’d love to meet you, so email me (yarnbirdy [at] gmail [dot] com) and let me know what toy you would love to knit up but can’t find the pattern for.

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