My motivation for knitting and designing might not be plentiful at the moment, but my motivation to answer silly questions about knitting in an alphabetical survey form… that motivation is through the Roof! haha.
Which is why I wrote this fun ABC Knitting Survey. 
My Answers:
Alone: For productive knitting, I knit alone. For fun, nothing beats a knitting group. 
Best: My wedding cardigan… maybe. It’s so hard to choose!
Circular: I love the dexterity of DPN’s. They’re the best for toys. But when I’m knitting a sweater in the round, it goes a whole lot faster on a good circular needle.
Dream: so many things! My most exciting knitting dreams center around my own toy designs.
Earliest memory: sitting at the kitchen table with my sister and my grandmother, struggling not to split stitches on my first scarf
Family: My Oma is a big knitter, and my younger sister, although not a serious knitter, is talented at pretty much everything, knitting included. 
Gloves: My personal statistics: Gloves knit = about 30 pairs. Socks knit = 0. I want to change this though!
Home: I always forget things when I try to knit anywhere else. I do sometimes enjoy knitting and walking at the same time though!
Intarsia: I love colorwork of all types. 


Loyal: Nope. I love drawing and painting. I’ve tried needle felting. I want to get better at sewing, and learn to crochet!
Mistake: While no knitting mistake is truly catastrophic (it’s not like we’re performing heart surgery as a hobby) mistakes can feel so devastating some times. I guess currently, I’m feeling frustrated by how many times I’m trying and failing to design a great walrus-head. I can’t ever seem to see that it’s going to be a mistake until I’ve finished knitting it up. 
Next Project: I bought some nifty sock yarn the other day, because it was calling my name in the shop. It’s navy but it does that sock-yarn magic and knits into stripes. So my next project will hopefully be my first ever pair of socks.
One or One Dozen: I have three projects currently on the needles: my walrus design, my latest baby sweater, and another miniature from Mochimochiland.
Pattern: I so appreciate a good pattern, one that when you follow it, you feel like you can relax in your knitting because you are in good hands. I always feel this way knitting toys by Laura Long
Quick: Sadly, I have to admit I’m a kind of slow knitter. I have been watching some youtube for tricks to teach myself some faster knitting methods, though. 
Ravelry: Why does this site overwhelm me so? I feel like my grandmother when I try to navigate it -nervous about the internet. I do believe it is an awesome resource and forum, so I’m trying to overcome my fear of it. 
Stitch: I love Cables! They make knitting look so sophisticated. 
Toys: Obviously, I go for toys over hats.
Ugliest: Thinking of some of the ugly things I’ve knit makes me laugh. I knit a sweater once that came off the needles as such a giant lumpy sack! I wore it anyway (all the time and effort couldn’t go to waste). 
Volume: My stash is two shelves, one drawer, and one Ikea-crate in volume.
Wool: I’ve talked about my thoughts on fiber before. I don’t really have a favorite. I love using acrylic to experiment with my toy designs because it’s so durable. 
eXactly: I modify pretty much every pattern I follow. Usually because I make a mistake along the way. 
Yarn: So much of my yarn is a gift from my grandmother (I’m SO lucky, I know!) 
Z-end: Zank Goodness! 
It’s your turn if you want. Pick a question or two, (or 26!) and answer them in the comments. 

Also, feel free to print out the survey and bring it along next time you meet up with a knitting friend or group, to use as a fun conversation starter.