Wednesday evenings, after I put the baby to bed, the house is quiet and I’m alone. I love this time. I break open a chocolate bar and sit cross-legged on the sofa listening to my audio book and knitting.

Last night, I knit up the most enjoyable little birdy pattern, available for free, from Rabbit Hole Knits (I just discovered her, and am so happy I did -her animals are marvelous, and if her other patterns are anything like this bird, they are clever and enjoyable too.)

He took me under two hours to finish. Isn’t he just the perfect little springtime character?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him yet (showed him to my baby this morning who responded less than enthusiastically; I think the bird is a bit to small, subtle, and sophisticated to be a great toy for a 3-month-old). Maybe I’ll make a couple more in some other springtime colors and they can all live in this cute basket nest together. They can decorate our kitchen table during the upcoming Easter season.

Any other clever uses for this birdy spring to mind?

Have you stumbled upon any good knit designers recently that you’d care to share a link to?