These days, my poor little Yarn Birdy Shop is feeling a bit lonely and neglected. It’s been over a month since I’ve designed and added a new listing, over a week since I advertised a cool item or a sale on social media. The shop still gets a slow dribble of visitors, and I’m happy about every single one, but what it really needs is a bit more attention from its mama, aka me.

Although obviously a large part of the neglect is due to spending so many of my waking hours (and many of the ones I’d rather be sleeping) cuddling my real live human baby, I can’t blame him completely for the store’s sad state. During the free time I do have, instead of working, I’ve succumbed to the pull of quirky personal projects, such as my hand-sewn t-shirt, or this painting I just started working on:

It’s based on a photograph taken moments after my son’s birth (he’s the squishy bundle laying on my chest). I used a picmonkey to simplify the photo to only 5 colors, printed out the new version, drew a grid on top, drew a matching but larger grid on my canvas and painted in the black sections using the grid guidelines. I still have to paint the orange, blue yellow, and grey parts.

See, I’m getting excited describing this painting project to you and this post is supposed to be an update on my shop! I am way to easily distracted to be a business woman.

Back to business. I have a million big ideas for the shop, and all of them are just playing musical chairs in my head because they’re all so huge and time consuming that I’m afraid to start. Obviously, this is not the way to achieve anything. The secret to my latest idea, one that I’m actually successfully implementing, is that the idea is tiny. For the next few days, I am spending a couple minutes each day editing and improving the search tags on the etsy items I already have for sale. Search tags are 13 words or phrases, up to 20 characters each, that describe the item for sale. Ideally, they match up what shoppers might type into the etsy (or google) search bar. Sound boring? It’s actually really fun. Here’s an example:

Cute little Alice in Wonderland here is a rather old listing of mine. Her search tags are words I came up with years ago, when I first listed her, and some of them are downright embarrassing. I had “knit” (waaaay too general) “blue” (umm… what shopper searching for a miniature Alice doll would search for “blue”?) amiguri (a misspelling of amigurumi, the term for a style of tiny cute crochet doll, which Alice is not). So I felt super accomplished when I deleted those embarrassments and added terms like: “Wonderland doll” “Alice toy” “knit Alice” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Speaking of embarrassing, now I’m embarrassed by this blog post. You all probably don’t care about the minutiae of etsy search terms. If so, I’m sorry. Come back on Thursday for an awesome update on my latest finished knit object. But if you are still with me now, and want to join the fun, what terms would you use to search for any of these objects?

Clockwise from top left: Teal Green Handwarmers ; Rainbow Knit Teddy Bear ; Raspberry Cable Knit Headband ; Rainbow Knit Zebra Toy