Simple Doll and Pippi Longstocking

Mar 11, 2016 | Designing Knits | 4 comments

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve found the new Yarn Birdy site. I hope you are finding it easy to navigate. I’m such a newbie at website design, so please let me know (in comments or email) if you’re finding anything about the site confusing or frustrating, or if you have any suggestions. I have a page-long list of small tweaks and edits I still want to make, but since I’m learning as I go, I’m just tackling an edit or two per week from now on. Otherwise, I’d never have time to knit and design, which is really what Yarn Birdy is about.

Speaking of knitting and designing, I’m just dying to share my latest project with you.

simple knit doll

Ever since writing the simple ball pattern, I’ve become obsessed with coming up with high quality, easy-to-knit, basic forms that can be adapted for a million unique knit creations. I got this vision in my head of a knit doll who could be adapted and dressed up to be any character the maker’s heart desired.

And that’s what I’m working on now! I hope you’re as excited as I am about this idea.

I fiddled with the doll form for quite some time. (Among my many failed attempts, I originally thought I’d knit her arms around pipe-cleaners and attach them to the body after knitting…. This did not work, I can assure you). Now, I gotten to a doll I’m really happy with. She is fun and simple to knit with minimal finishing required, and has a nostalgic rag-doll charm. (I do plan on giving her underpants, since she looks a little silly naked except the socks, but that’s a simple color change.)

The first character I’ve been testing out making my simple doll is Pippi Longstocking. The rambunctious, precocious, orange-haired storybook kid everyone loves. I love her too. I read her books probably a dozen times each as a kid.

knit pippi longstocking doll

(I took this photograph yesterday, and am actually a bit giddy because today, I finally figured out an awesome way to complete her hair -sticking-out braids and all. But it was too dark to take a photograph by the time I’d finished. I promise to show the completed Pippi on the blog on Monday. And if you want a sneak peak, I know I won’t be able to resist sharing her on Instagram over the weekend.)

This project has been SO FUN from beginning to end, and hopefully will continue to be fun now that I’ve reached the more technical part of the project -writing up the pattern and getting test knitters.


Which cool storybook character should I try out on my simple doll next? I’m thinking maybe Alice in Wonderland, or Peter Pan. (Simple doll can totally be a boy)


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