A new Yarn Birdy Baby

Jun 9, 2016 | Baby Knits, Life Beyond Yarn | 2 comments

I’m so excited to welcome a new baby bird into my family and into the world!

Newborn knit baby blanket

Little baby M was born in the middle of May, and along with his rambunctious toddler brother, has been making life challenging for me since then. It’s wonderful and I’m so happy. Baby M is darling, small, and soft, and also wild and needy, just exactly as a baby should be.

This, my second time round with a newborn, feels a bit easier than the first time. Not because I know all the tricks or anything (HA! I don’t know any tricks! If there are any tricks to keep a newborn from waking up all night and screaming for no reason, no one has let me in on those secrets yet). Rather, I know that all the crying, the fussing, and the sleepless nights don’t mean I’m doing anything wrong; they are just the truth of newborn-hood.

When my first son was born, I was so focused on the challenges of mothering that I hardly knit a single stitch until he was 2 months old. This time is different. Although I didn’t get much knitting done during pregnancy, I’ve already completed a baby hat and am half way through a vest. It feels good to sneak in knitting whenever I can!

Babies take a ton of time… but they’re also the best inspiration I will ever have. At least the way I experience it, the deep love and excitement I feel for my kids gives me all sorts of creative energy. Like a surfer catching a wave I’m grabbing that creative energy and riding it, for a few seconds here, a few seconds there until one of my babies calls for me again.

The blanket baby M is pictured with here is actually something I made for my first son, baby C before he was born. It’s teeny-tiny and I love having another newborn to wrap in it. Most of his other knits haven’t been worn too much: we’ve had pretty hot weather since baby M was born, so it’s been light and airy cotton clothes for daily wear, rather than hand knits. (Since baby C was a November baby, I have never experienced this “problem” before.) Anyone have any fun ideas of things to knit for a summer baby?


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