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May 2, 2016 | Links |

knit baby sweater

I’m in final count-down mode until my new baby arrives. It’s exciting and strange. This is not my first baby, so you would think I would at least kind of know what to expect when I bring the newborn home, but I feel totally unable to picture it. Unable to picture what it will feel like, how I’ll manage it all, how my days will unfold. It’s 50% thrilling, 50% scary.

I did make super progress on a knit sweater for the newborn over the weekend (see photo above). It’s a modified Flax sweater, and I’ll definitely post more details when it’s done. I had such success using duplicate stitch to add a cute animal face¬†to my last sweater, that I plan on doing the same on this sweater… but I’ll leave it as a surprise what animal I’m planing: you’ll have to check back next week and see ūüôā

While I’m rushing about trying to accomplish last-minute pre-baby stuff, here are a couple useful and/or inspirational links from around the web for your enjoyment:

  • Have you seen this awesome tutorial from Mochimochiland about ways¬†to create¬†toy eyes? SO USEFUL. I always embroider my eyes, using either the second or the third method she describes. Can you believe I’ve never actually tried to use plastic safety eyes? I think I have to at least just try them out soon, since I call myself a toy-knitter.
  • How cool and helpful is this website: yarnsub.com? It’s perfect for those of us who don’t love buying new yarn for every project, or want to get started on our projects right as soon as we’re inspired, instead of waiting for a yarn order to arrive. Although with toy projects, I usually don’t worry too much about getting the perfect yarn substitution (toys are forgiving!) I’ve found it handy for the sweaters I’ve knit recently. You just¬†enter the yarn recommended for your pattern, and it gives you a long list of yarn substitution possibilities with details about how the yarns are similar and different.
  • My current favorite instagram accounts:
    • Knitforfvictory¬†has amazing BIRDY knitting patterns. (Just check out these adorable parakeets. I’m dying to knit one, or a whole aviary.
    • Littlebearcrochets, has some adorable crochet toys that I find so cute and inspiring.

Have you run across any useful or inspiring things on the web recently? 


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