I am definitely not the only fish in the knitting-blog sea. In fact, I often struggle with the question of where I fit in. What do I bring to knit blogging that is unique? While I continue to ponder this question, here are some other knitting blogs that I just love. Each of them shares something pretty unique and special with their readers.

Copyright: Mochimochiland

I’ve mentioned this blog in the past, but it is worth another shout out, because it is truly my favorite online knitting space. It is so so fun, and so so cute, featuring knit animations, tiny critters, and entire knit worlds. I just preordered my copy of Adventures in Mochimochiland.

Copyright: Gift of Knitting

This blog has quickly become another favorite of mine. Alina’s knitting is exquisite (just look at that sweater!) and what makes this blog doubly special is how much honest joy and gratitude she has for the craft. Every time I read it, it reminds me how lucky I am to be a knitter.

Copyright: Knitted Bliss

This blog is simple yet addicting. Julie shows of the works of lots of different knitters in her Modification Monday series, some with olympic level knitting skills and others where I think, “how cool, I could do something like that too!”

Copyright: Tanis Fiber Arts

A lot of knitting blogs aren’t stand-alone websites, but are part of the marketing for yarn or pattern companies. The Tanis Fiber Arts blog is one of the best examples of this. Her knits and her yarns are so drool-worthy. Plus, I’m a sucker for blogs that feature both gorgeous knits and cute kids, often cute kids wearing gorgeous knits.

Copyright: Knit Fitch

I discovered this blog just the other day and, after reading one single post, the Designer Spotlight Interview with Jenise Hope, I immediately put it on my favorites list. I’m way too shy to do designer interviews myself but boy was it inspiring to read this one. Plus, there’s a give-away on this post that you should NOT enter, because I want to win it! (just kidding… not really)

Copyright: Yarn Harlot

I’m sure you guys already know Yarn Harlot, the mother of the whole knitting-blog genre. She’s been blogging and writing books about knitting for over a decade, yet she never runs out of things to say, and it’s really fun to follow along, chuckling at her knitting snafus and cheering her knitting successes.

These are just a few of the great blogs out there. I am stumbling upon other knitting blogs that make my jaw drop nearly every day. What are some knitting/fiber/craft blogs you enjoy? I’d love it if you’d add them to the comments so that I can check them out. (or if you write one yourself, I’d love to check that out too!)