Thanksgiving is around the corner, and besides being a great time for pumpkin pie, it’s also a great time to reflect with gratitude on the people and activities that fill our lives. I’m thankful for my baby son for keeping me on my toes, and my husband for the hugs he gives me when he gets home at the end of a long day. And I’m thankful for knitting.

If you’re a knitter, there are lots of reasons to be thankful for knitting. I bet each of you have a reason or two that is closest to your heart: you’re thankful that knitting is relaxes you, that knitting keeps you sharp, that knitting allows you to make the best gifts for your family, that knitting connects you to others…

I like knitting for all the reasons above, but as I reflected on my gratitude this Thanksgiving week, I came up with five more surprising reasons that I’m deeply grateful for being a knitter. 

1. Knitting sparks creativity. My best ideas -about everything from a new creative project to  solutions to a parenting challenge- often seem to come to me while knitting. 


2. Knitting makes me enjoy books and movies even more. When I’m not dreaming up creative ideas while knitting, I’m listening to an audio book or watching a movie. It’s the best kind of feeling to reach the end of a movie and look down at my lap and see what progress I’ve made on my knitting project while I didn’t even notice. 

3. Knitting opens up a whole new realm of art to admire. I majored in Art History in college, and know a lot about museums, paintings and statues. When I started to get more into knitting I got to see what a world of beauty there is out there in the fiber arts too. 


4. Knitting challenges me way out of my comfort zone. Because of knitting, I found myself (a bookworm-introvert) selling at a craft fair two years ago! Because of knitting, I find myself now putting myself out there in a nerve-wracking way by writing and publishing knitting designs. 


5. Knitting is something especially mine, to hold onto when the world around me is spinning too fast. When I became a mom a year ago, my life was turned upside down. My days and my nights, which used to be mostly my own to fill, now belonged so much to my baby. But I still have knitting. By dreaming up knitting projects while nursing, and knitting by while the baby slept, I kept a part of myself just for me.


So, why are you grateful for being a knitter? What surprising gift(s) does knitting give to your life?