Wow, Yarn Birdy Blog, it’s been a while. There are a couple of reasons why I haven’t been writing in this blog since the end of March, a couple of reasons why the the Yarn Birdy Shop on Etsy has been more in neutral than in drive for the past couple of months. If I explain these reasons to you, will you accept my apology and forgive me for leaving my little piece of internet a bit lonely?

Reason 1: The end of March was a busy time for me because I was planning my wedding. Remember I talked about knitting a cardigan for to wear for my special day? The cardigan turned out beautiful, and it was so fun to knit something just for me again, after so long of knitting strictly business creations.

Above is a shot of the Cardigan WIP. Below you can see me wearing it during the wedding ceremony:

My husband and I got married on April 25th. You can tell from the pictures that I didn’t exactly have a traditional wedding with puffy white dress and elegant party. Nonetheless, our wedding did require quite a bit of planning and concentration, especially because we were flying out from Germany (with my husband’s family) to California, to have the wedding in front of my family.

International weddings can be challenging, so one reason Yarn Birdy got put on hold was my full concentration on my wedding.

Reason 2: You’ll notice I did not include photos of my husband, even while sharing news of my wedding -a choice that may seem kind of odd. I love him, yet we disagree on a major issue, an issue that connects to this blog: how much of oneself should be shared on the internet. I like to think I’m cautious and thoughtful about what I put out in the cyber world, but my husband takes cautious and thoughtful to a whole next level. He prefers to have as little as possible about him floating around the internet.

I totally appreciate and respect his point of view. I love that his feelings have made me look more closely about what I share online, and why. But his feelings make my role as a blogger and online seller much much more challenging. How do I share the things about myself that my readers and customers want to hear yet avoid sharing things that belong to his life and experience, when so much of my life is entangled with his?

We’ve been actively working to come to an agreement about the content of this blog that we both feel comfortable with, and that’s another reason why I haven’t posted in a while. I don’t think this discussion between us is going away any time soon, I’m not going to give up blogging entirely. Instead, I’m going to do my best in each post to take my husband’s comfort into account. How do you deal with family members with conflicting ideas about internet privacy in your life? 

Reason 3: My last post featured Spunky, the purple Kangaroo with lots of candy in his pouch. Not long after I posted that, (literally the next day), I suddenly couldn’t even look at those cute photos without gagging. Chocolate had overnight lost any semblance of appeal. Well, can you guess why? I was pregnant! This news made me super happy, a bit nervous, and stay-in-bed nauseous for over a month (yep, exactly that time when I was planning for my wedding.) Luckily, since the end of April, I’ve felt myself again, even as I can literally see my belly grow with each passing day.

I made this tiny elephant blanket to wrap around my newborn son when he arrives in November.

I’m really excited about the little boy growing inside me, and my upcoming motherhood. It’s something I’ve wanted all my life. However, it’s been a big distraction, a major change in focus for me, and that is yet another reason I haven’t blogged in a while.

Reason 4: I’m not a big owner of things. I like a house with less furniture and more floor space to dance around on. I don’t like to shop; I’d rather spend my time imagining, writing, knitting and creating. Yet Yarn Birdy is a place that sells things, yes, things that I think are beautiful and worth buying, things that spark the imagination. Nonetheless, in the past few months I’ve had a bit of a philosophical dilemma about being a seller. I haven’t reached any conclusions about this issue yet either.

This philosophical dilemma is the fourth reason I stalled out on blogging.

Then, just a couple weeks ago, I got a new job, unrelated to the world of knitting, blogging and selling. The amazing thing about this, is that even though it takes some of my time away from creating, it has given me an unexpected feeling of freedom to create. When Yarn Birdy is not my only job, I feel no pressure to do it just right. I don’t know what direction I’m going to push it in, but I do know that things I didn’t like doing before -marketing, pushing products on Facebook, organizing seasonal sales etc. -well, I don’t have to do any of that if I don’t want to. My vision for my company doesn’t have to be crystal clear. I can experiment! I can knit new objects for myself and not just because I think they will sell! This is a wonderful revelation, and I can’t tell you how excited it makes me feel.

To test out my new sense of freedom to create and experiment, I’ve been sharing work on Instagram. Could I try to post something nearly daily and still feel good about the whole project? So far, it’s going great. Come visit me on instagram to see.

Welcome to the newer, freer Yarn Birdy.